Our goal is to bring our love and passion for art into the hearts and lives of all who see and touch our work.

With that goal in mind we feel that all people of all ages can enjoy the beauty and mystique of our work here at LDS. From our stunning leather roses for Valentines and birthdays, or even weddings and formals, to our bold wearable art, like masks, bands and crowns, whose wearability is only limited by ones imagination.

As artists, much of our delight comes from your happiness and enjoyment, so each and every piece we create here at LDS is made by hand with 100% genuine leather. No imitations, synthetics, or plastics. So give a rose with love or wear a mask with pride because you know they were made in kind.

We want to thank everyone for sharing their love for this craft over the years through their support, stories, and dreams. We are honored to be a part of your lives.


LDS is owned and operated by Mia in White Rock B.C. Although their work brings them to customers across the country, they feel a strong attraction to western Canada and the Canadian Film Industry.

For a more in-depth look at LDS please see our News, Articles, & Testimonials section below.

Is everything made out of leather?

We use premium quality leather for all our products.

How do you know which mask is for men or women?

Any of our leather products can be worn by either. The choice is up to you!

Why are there no prices listed on your website?

For many reasons, we prefer to price our items based on the individual needs of our customers. Since we do business all over the world, there is currency and delivery to account for. Also, there may be additional cost for specialty colours or custom details. Simply e-mail us your interest items with location and deadline and we will quickly respond with all the answers worked out.

Can I choose what colour I want? What colours do you have? Will it cost extra?

Yes you can. Our leather is sculpted before it’s painted; therefore there are two kinds of base coats that determine colour and cost.

1) Tan (skin) base for bold colours:

  • Metallic (Chrome); Blue, Orange, Green, Purple, Turquoise, Silver, Gold, Copper, Bronze
  • Fluoresce (Bright); Yellow, Green, Orange, Pink
  • Primary (Solid); Lipstick Red, Blue, Army Green, Flesh, Brown, Purple
  • Pastel (Creamy); Pink, Blue, Green, Purple, Yellow, White

Any of the above are $5-$20 more, depending on the size of the item. They take many coats of paint that cost more than our basic black.

2) Black base colour with tint finishes

  • Basic Black allows unlimited repainting of following colours
  • Oxblood (Distressed Dark Blood Red)
  • Metallic (distressed/translucent); Blue, Orange, Green, Purple, Turquoise, Silver, Gold, Copper, Bronze

There is no extra cost for our added tints on basic black.

3) Extras. The following can be applied on any colour but can not be repainted to change its colour.

  • Pearl is a frosted white tint
  • Metallic Flakes (Sparkles) sealed with a gloss coat. Red, Pink, Purple, Green, Copper. Gold, Bronze
  • High Gloss Coat finish, looks great with P.V.C outfits

Any of the above extras are $5-$20 more, depending on the size of the item.

If no colour is specified then all leather items come in basic black.

Where would we wear a mask?

You’ll notice our site is filled with many different designs and styles of masks. That is because we feel that there should be no limitations or boundaries to what we can create and to how you can enjoy them.

Wear it during any occasion…

Formals; Weddings, New Years, Prom, Theater, Fundraisers, Fetish, Parties.

Non-Formals; Clubbing, Night out on the Town, Birthdays, Stag Parties.

Amusement Parks/Establishments; Medieval Times, National Exhibition, Renaissance, Old Montreal.

Trade Shows and Conventions; Sci-Fi, Comic Book, Sex, Tattoo, Live Action Role Playing, Fashion.

Sport; Motorcycle, Motorcross, Scooter, Bicycle, Snowboarding, Skiing, Wrestling, Golf.

Sport Attractions to wear team colours; Olympics, Soccer, Football, Hockey, Basketball.

Tourist Attractions; Mardi Gras, Day of The Dead, Pride Day, Caribbanna, Burning Man.

Local Attractions; Halloween, Christmas, Valentines, Music Venues, Circus.

Careers/Entertainers; Dancers, Theater, Musicians, Models, Singers, Stunt Work, Promotions, Performers.

As you see in our examples above you are only limited to your imagination.

And masks are decorative art, when not in use. Enjoy!

We have a theory at LDS; we do not choose the mask but the mask chooses us! You will only truly know what that means by trying one on yourself and have the right mask find you. It is a transformation that is exciting and adventurous. We only have one life so give it face in everything we do! Be a celebrity and live it big and memorable and fun!

How do you customize it to fit uniquely to our shape?

The heat and oil from your skin will soften the leather to fit you, uniquely in every way. That is why you may not want to lend it out to anyone else.

We now customize masks to fit on top of your eyewear too!

How does it keep its shape?

It’s a technique we call leather sculpture. We soak the leather in a conditioner mixture to relax the skin. Then we sculpt it with our hands on to a mold. Once we get our desired shape, we cure the leather with heat. Baking it in your home is not recommended due to its odour. We hand make everything in our workshop.

Is it skin friendly, can you sweat in it without losing its shape?

Because its hand painted with Acrylic, therefore its sealed finish are bacteriafFree and water resistant, especially from sweat.

Not recommended for hot tubs, sauna, swimming, shower or rain wear.

Are there any care instructions for your leather products?

Wearable Art:
Feel free to repaint our products as much as you want. A small ounce bottle of airbrush paint, will cost under $4 at any craft/artist supply store. Simply brush it on with a paint brush. Reinvent your wears from black to colour and then black again. The more coats, the more shine.

The laminate side of a leather rose will simply rub dust right off. The suede side of a leather rose will need to be lightly blow dried to remove dust. Keep away from windows to avoid bleaching of it’s colour by the sun. To revamp its colour, use food dye in a spray mist bottle and apply as needed.

Always keep stem in an upright position, as not to allow crushing of its petals. If crushed, try squeezing the head of the rose in a loose fist.

These roses will last as long as you keep them, enjoy!

How many years have you been doing this work? Is this all you do?

Mia has always been an artist, and since her apprenticeship over a decade ago, her specialty has become leather working. She likes to inspire others creatively with her custom work and says, "If you can dream it, I will make it!"

Jeff, the other half of this creative duo, became involved over five years ago when they first met. He is her creative soul mate who now paints her sculpted wears as they dream them up daily. They both do this full time and are thankful to enjoy their work together drawing inspiration from each other.


We use email for easy, safe and convenient money transfer.


E-mail us what you want. Let us know by Item or by name and the desired colour. We will need your shipping address and desired deadline, if needed.


You will receive an e-mail from us, giving you the total of the purchase plus the appropriate shipping and/or taxes.


Once we receive confirmation, expect a money request e-mailed to you. This e-mail has step by step instructions on how to make the payment.


At which time we will estimate arrival of your leather art and /or tracking information. Wait for your order to arrive and enjoy!


The easiest way of course is to e-mail us. Don't forget to include your contact info!

Please read our info page first to see if we've already answered your question!



Studio Visitation by Appointment Only. Leather Design Studio is a web based company



Headquest Magazine - From Behind The Mask


"I first want to say a heartfelt “thank you” for taking the time to use your talents to create such beautiful pieces of art. They may be just a “mask” for some people but they are a magical roadmap that leads us down a path that transitions our everyday lives into a world of entertainment and fantasy that until now, we seldom had a chance to thoroughly enjoy. They give us a chance to become “more than we are” in our daily lives and this alone has been worth every minute to come see you at the show in Toronto. Your Friends, Huge Fans and Admirers, Shawn and Angie"

"Hi Mia, Just wanted to thank you again for the dozen roses... My wife absolutely loved them when she opened them up. At this point she did not know they were leather. She picked one out of the box to smell it and then realized what they were. She lost it...LOL. Very nice website BTW, very professionally done. You do great work and I will be sure to pass on the good word about you and your business. Thanks once again, you helped make my third anniversary even more special."

"I just wanted to let you know that the mask has come and its perfect! I love it. Thanks so much! It looks amazing!"

"Just got them... WOW! sooooo very happy :D they are truly works of art and will have a place of honour displayed in our house for decades :)"

"It was great meeting you at the show. Just wanted to say that your masks rock - I took some portraits of my friends on Monday after they brought your masks – both my sister and Janet (and of course, myself) loved them!!! They made our photo shoot so much fun!"

"I can’t believe I FINALLY found your card that we picked up from the show!! Your booth was fantastic and we were kicking ourselves for not buying something."

"That is exactly what I wanted, but with an extra helping of pure awesome! :D"

"Hi Jeff and Mia, the roses look fantastic and were a hit! Thanks very much!"

"Hi Mia+ Jeff, My mask arrived for me today and i have to say i am very very very happy with the outcome. It looks awesome on me."

"I wanted to thank you for the detail work you did on it, It is a very cool mask and will enjoy it for many years, you are a truly gifted artist."

"We wanted to thank you for making such a great mask! Thanks again for your superio rcraftsmanship!"

"Hey guys, I received my mask and it is soooo Bad ass! I love the paint job! Thanks again for the work you put in. If you want i'll be more than willing to send some pics of me dressed up rockin the mask!"

"I just wanted to say thanks again for the awsome job you did on the roses, Jessica loved them and apparently her whole office was jealous. I had them arranged at a local florist, the guy did an awsome job, I can send you a picture if you like. Some of Jessicas co-workers were really interested in your work and wanted your contact info, so I'll pass it along, hopefully it will generate some more business for you. Cheers! talk to you later."